Knowledge of jewelry


About Pure 925 Silver

925 sterling silver is 925 parts of 1000 silver plus 75 parts of 1000 alloy, is The Internationally Recognized Standard for Sterling Silver 925 sterling silver anti-allergy characteristics, but long-term contact with the air will will oxidize or turn black, So the discoloration of silver jewelry is not rust~

storage method

The best maintenance method is to wear it every day, because human body oil can make it produce a natural and moist luster. If oxidation occurs (discoloration, blackening, yellowing), you can use cleaning products such as silver wiping cloth, silver wiping water, silver wiping paste, etc., and toothpaste can be used to wipe the difficult-to-clean areas.

About Gilding

Gold plating refers to chemically attaching a layer of "gold" to the surface of an object through chemical plating or electroplating. It is often used for decoration, not pure gold.Plating colors are divided into: 24k, 18k, 14k, 9k, etc. In addition, there are rose gold, champagne gold, etc., which refer to the difference in plating color.

gold-plated products Long-term wearing will cause the phenomenon of dull color , after the coating on the surface is worn off, the light yellow color will be revealed.The main reason for fading is that when worn, the oil secreted by the skin will be attached to it, and the oil will be acidified.

About titanium steel

Titanium steel is a kind of stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, does not contain titanium, is suitable for skin contact jewelry.Titanium steel can not be deformed and discolored for a long time; Non-toxic, harmless to human body; It also has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and waterproofing.

Daily maintenance only needs to be washed with warm water and cotton cloth and then wiped dry.