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Q What should I do if my jewelry turns black or yellow??

A Silver jewelry will turn black or yellow due to oxidation. This is a natural phenomenon.象。


Q How to maintain and clean jewelry?

A 1. After wearing the silver cloth, wipe it with the silver cloth and put it into a sealed bag to isolate the air.空氣,It is the simplest and most effective maintenance method. When using silver polishing cloth, please use the one inside. It can be used on both sides and can be reused, but please remember謹記千萬Not washable

2. Soak the jewelry in the silver washing water for a few seconds, pick it up, wash it with a neutral detergent, rinse it with water, and finally blow it with a hair dryer until it is completely dry. If you are not sure, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. Do not use silver washing water with unknown ingredients. It may damage the structure of sterling silver and cause chemical changes. The jewelry will be soaked long before it turns white and bright.已先泡壞。(It is recommended to use less silver washing water for non-silver jewelry. Frequent use will destroy the luster.澤

3. For the parts that are difficult to clean, you can use silver polish or toothpaste. But after cleaning, be sure to dry it completely with a hair dryer to avoid moisture.受潮。

4. Try to avoid contact with rain, sweat, perfume, hot springs, etc. Of course, do not come into contact with chemical solvents, otherwise the silver jewelry may oxidize and turn black.氧化變黑。

5. The last and best way法:Wear it every day,Body oil will make the silver jewelry emit a warm luster. Don’t choose to put the silver jewelry away because you are lazy. Wearing it every day will make the silver jewelry shine brighter and brighter.越亮!

about order

Q How do I pay for my order??

A Our website can support multiple payment methods as shown at the bottom of the website.示。

Q Is your website safe??

A You can be assured that shopping in our online store is safe. We use the latest security systems and encryption software to keep your personal details such as name, address and bank details安全。

Q What should I do if I receive a wrong or damaged product??

A Please contact us as soon as possible at Please include your order number, the name/product code of the item you should receive and any further details. We will contact you within 3 working days to resolve your issue. question的問題。

Q Can I modify the order content??

A Once you place your order you cannot modify any details. Our warehouse team will receive the order directly and have already started processing your order.的訂單。

About shipping

Q What methods can I choose to ship my goods??

A Our website provides SF express shipping. If your order reaches the specified amount, you can enjoy free shipping.費。

Q. Are there any other areas where you can deliver??

A We will only ship to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for the time being.。


Q What should I do if the goods are damaged or lost during transportation??

A ifDamage or loss of goods during transportation is not our responsibility. Returns and exchanges are not allowed. Customers are responsible for their own transportation risks.輸風險。

Q How long does the shipping usually take??

A It usually takes about 1-5 working days to receive the product after shipping begins品。

About returns and maintenance

Q Do you have return and exchange service??

A We only provide exchange service and do not provide returns or refunds. If the goods are obviously defective or have problems that qualify for exchange service, please contact us within 7 days of receiving the goods.聯絡我們。


Q Do you provide product maintenance??

A The 30 days after receiving the goods are all within the warranty period, including the problem of product breakage, gemstones falling off, and discounts. However, we will not bear the freight for maintenance and replacement.換貨的運費。


Q Will you bear the shipping cost of returning or exchanging goods??

A We only bear the logistics freight for return and exchange applications within 7 days.。

Q What should I do if I receive a wrong or damaged product??

A Contact us within 7 days after receiving the goods,And attach a picture of the problem product and we will contact you to solve the problem題。

Q What is the typical processing time??

A We will process your request within 7 days